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Gusset Bags

SHANSE is one of leading food plastic packaging bag manufacturers in China. Gusset Bags, ziplock bags, stand up pouch supplied by us are made of high quality laminated materials. There are gusseted paper bags, gusseted plastic bags, side gusset bag and clear flat bottom gusset cellophane bags, etc. The PET/AL/PE and NY/PE laminated materials are available for your choice.

Shenzhen Shanse Industry Co.,Ltd. has been specialized in plastic laminated packaging for over 10 years. Our products are including Toy Bags And Gift Bags, Electronic Packaging Bags, Pet Food Bags, Liquid Packaging Bags, Medicine Packaging Bags, Food Bags, Garment Bags, Coffee Bags And Tea Bags and so on. We would offer you the most best price. We are eager to build a long-term cooperation relationship with you.