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Questions and answers
 How to order
  1. Inquiry
    The information we need for offer as follows:
    1. Printings: How many colors on you bag? ( The Cylinder Cost depends on this )
    2. Size: Please point out the size of different part
    3. Thickness: (the method of thickness measure)
    4. Style/Shape: (examples)
    5. Material: PET, OPP, CPP, CPE, AL, vmCPP,vmPET PA(nylon), etc.
    6. Quantity: (Usually, the last actual production quantity may be 10% more or less of your order. If you could not accept the more or less quantity, please do let us know in your inquiry.)
    7. Application: What product do you want to package?
    Remark: It's better if you could send us your artworks and some pictures of your similar samples by email.
  2. Offer
    Usually, our offers are based on our factory in Shenzhen of China. We have no FOB or CIF offer if we do not mention clearly. You can ask a logistics company to do customs clearance for you if you need.
  3. Making proof sample
    After your 100% prepayment for the gravure cylinders reaching us, we begin assigning a gravure cylinder maker to make them and make proof sample.
    There are two types of proof sample:
    1. Printed film
      Printed film is recommended strongly. You could not see the shape of your bag, but it is enough to see the last printing result as almost the same as the end product. This type sample is almost free except the cost of the gravure cylinders. It needs about 10 days. Most people choose it.
    2. End product
      This type sample is much more expensive. Its cost includes gravure cylinders and making the end product. It needs about 20 days. Seldom people choose it.
  4. Mass producing
    After comfirmation of the proof sample and receiving your 30% prepayment of your goods, we begin mass producing. It needs about 10 to 30 days.
  5. Shipment
    You could assign a shipment company to pick up your good. Or we introduce some our local shipment companies to you. And then you talk with them about all transportation details. They could deliver goods to all over the world by sea or by air. It's better that a logistics company could become your agency here. They could check your goods and pay us for you. Furthermore, the logistics company can do customs clearance for you.
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