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Questions and answers (FAQ)

  1. About quantity
    1. What is the minimum order(MOQ)?
      We have no fixed MOQ for any order, but do have one if you could give us enough information of your demand. This information refers to size, printing, material, shape, thickness, etc. There is a principle that the more quantity you order, the lower price you get. Please inquire of our man for further information.
    2. Can you get the accuracy quantity as your order?
      We could not promise to ship the quantity of the end product exactly the same as your order. Usually, the last actual production quantity may be 10% more or less, and we charge the last actual production quantity only. If you could not accept the more or less quantity, please do let us know in your inquiry.
  2. How about the artwork files for printing your packaging bags?
    1. File formate and limit:
      Please note that All texts must be converted to outlines. Vetor maps are recommended strongly, such as ADOBE Illustrator, CorelDRAW or PDF format.
      1. Acceptable Art File Formats
        Our International Plastics Art Department uses Adobe CS4 software. We work on a Windows platform. We prefer that original files be sent in Illustrator format so we can manipulate the artwork and make spot color ready.
        • Adobe Illustrator CS4 (preferred)
        • Adobe Acrobat PDF Send your vector art saved as a PDF with full Illustrator editing capabilities.
        • Adobe Freehand document should be exported as an EPS or AI file.
        • CorelDraw document should be exported as an EPS or AI file.
        • Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5 (PSD or Tiff). Only for 4-color process (CMYK) or Grayscale (black & white) images. All 4-color process (CMYK) Photoshop files must be 100% of imprint size and 300 dpi minimum. All Photoshop Grayscale images must be sent at 100% of imprint size and at least 600 dpi.
      2. Unacceptable Art File Formats
        Art charges will apply for recreating your image into Adobe Illustrator.
        The following: Adobe InDesign • Microsoft Word • Excel • PowerPoint • Publisher • WordPerfect • CAD or any other documents or formats not listed under "Acceptable Art File Formats" cannot be accepted as art and will most likely incur our hourly rate.
        JPEG, GIF, BMP, PCX, DWG or other low-resolution raster images are not acceptable art for all imprints. If your only art is in one of these formats, there will be an art charge to recreate the art in an acceptable vector or high resolution format.
    2. Designing or modification:
      Simple designing or modification are free. If it took us a long time to do them, we have to charge some. We recommend strongly that you give us your final and confirmed files. It would save a lot of time.
    3. About the standard of spot color printing
      If you need spot color, you should give us your standard color sample of paper or bag. If posible, the PANTONE Code is always recommended, such as 100% PANTONE 361C. You could ask your designer for the codes.
  3. How to handle shipment?
    You could assign a shipment company to pick up your good. Or we introduce some our local shipment companies to you. And then you talk with them about all transportation details. They could deliver goods to all over the world by sea or by air. It's better that a logistics company could become your agency here. They could check your goods and pay us for you. Furthermore, the logistics company can do customs clearance for you.
  4. About product catalogue and samples of packaging bags
    1. Product catalogue
      Our website is our product catalogue. We have no fixed standard price list because all of our products are customized by customers. Please contact us if you have any question.
    2. Samples
      Old samples are free, but express freight are not free. You should have account number of Fedex, DHL or UPS. You need not prepay us for the express sample freight. You pay the express company directly when the samples reach you.
      Proof samples are not free. You should prepay us before making your proof samples.
      There are two types of proof sample:
      1. Printed film
        Printed film is recommended. You could not see the shape of your packaging bag, but it is enough to see the last printing result as almost the same as the end product. This type sample is almost free except the cost of the gravure cylinders. It needs about 10 days. Most people choose it.
      2. End product
        This type sample is much more expensive. Its cost includes gravure cylinders and making. It needs about 20 days. Seldom people choose it.
  5. About price list and offer
    1. Price list:
      We have no fixed standard price list because all of our products are customized by customers. Please contact us if you have any question.
    2. Offer:
      Usually, our offers are based on our factory in Shenzhen of China. We have no FOB or CIF offer if we do not mention clearly. You can ask a logistics company to do customs clearance for you if you need.
  6. How to pay?
    We accept Telegraphic Transfer(T/T) or West Union. We do not accept L/C. You don't have to prepay the full payment at a time. You could prepay us step by step. We believe that would reduce your risk. Here is our bank information.
    • Step 1:
      Prepay us for making gravure cylinders (The molds for printing. Both making proof sample and Mass Production need these molds). The price of these gravure cylinders depends on quantity of the colors and size.
    • Step 2:
      We send the printed films or proof samples to you for your comfirmation. Please note that printed films are free, but proof samples are not free and you shold prepay for them. You should pay us 30% of the goods after your comfirmation. Then we prepair material and begin making the mass production.
    • Step 3:
      We will email you some pictures or videoes of the final products to you for your referance after finishing your order. We can send some final products to you if necessary. Of course, you will pay the fee of the express freight. After comfirmation, you or your logistics company should pay us the balance of the 70% of the goods before delivery.
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