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Customized Service

What can we offer to you?

  • We offer a huge range of packaging bags to the public, retail and trade.By material, packaging Bags include Aluminum Foil Bags, Anti-Static Packaging Bags, Laminated Bags, Plastic Bags, Retort Pouch, Spout Pouches, Vacuum Bags, etc. By shape, packaging bags include Gusset Bags, Hook Bags, Stand-up Bags, Three-Side Sealed Bags, Zip lock Bags, etc. By application, packaging Bags include Food Bags, Garment Bags, Medicine Packaging Bags, Personal Care Bags, Shopping Bags, Toy and Gift Bags, etc. As a professional manufacturer of Packaging Bags, we can provide customized service and professional design concept to meet your specific promotion demands. Please feel free to contact us for customized service or design suggestion. Our design team would provide exactly what you want for your reference.

What custom items can you choose?

  • Custom printings
  • Custom size
  • Custom thickness
  • Custom shape
  • Custom material
  • Custom quantity
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